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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sailor Ahoy!

How can you not love pencil skirts... they are just  a marriage made in heaven for your curves.... you feel super ace in them immediately, all 50's movie star thang going on... Well that's what was going on inside my head!

I used the Burda 8155 pattern for this variation, and also for the many other pencil skirts I have made ( another post for all of them!) 

I made a muslin for this skirt before cutting my fabric, doing a little bit of research I found that there were some fitting issues with pattern... and I was after a well fitting pencil skirt.
I have never been able to find a great one that I want to wear over and over again.... one that would make my booty look like Beyonce's!

Again my fabric decision was made around the warmer weather coming up, so I chose a navy blue cotton poplin.
 I got really inspired when I saw this skirt made by  check out her blog she makes some super amazing things!

Although I like the cotton poplin as a lighter version for a summers skirt, it does tend to scrunch up when I am walking, and constant fixing of it takes place! Not a lot of stretch too it.... I'm not too bothered by it, I know that the skirt does fit.. the fabric choice may just have to a bit wiser next time!
Just for a little bit extra charm, I added the buttons onto the darts, which worked out quite cute!

Stay tuned for pencil skirts galore!



  1. wauw I love that skirt!! Great work and it looks amazing on you!
    which burda magazn is the pattern from?
    Kind regards from Denmark - Viola

    1. Thanks so much Viola! Appreciate your kind words!

      I just brought the pattern online, not sure which Burda mag it is from, sorry ;)I got it from, hope that helps!
      It is heaps easy to make as well.



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