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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Simplicity 4007

Whoa.. long time no blog! I have been away on holidays, and possibly a bit lazy too... this awesome warm weather maks me want to play outside, rather than sit in front of the computer! But i am back, and with a whole lotta finished sewing projects!
I made this not too long ago, and just like the pattern packaging says it is 'Simple to make'..
Sometimes the simple things really are the most enjoyable, especially when your brain is fried, you feel like sewing... but you only have a couple of lit brain cells chugging along...
Vintage Simplicity Sewing Pattern - 1950's One-Piece Basic Dress with Detachable Collar, Cuffs, Belts, Bow and Scarf - 4007 - Uncut-20 or 14
Although the dress is basic, the accessories that you are able to make with the dress are awesome! i am yet to make the cinched waist belt... but making detachable cuffs? Wow those chicks would have really gotten wear out this one dress, changing up all the accessories!

This cotton fabric, probably wasnt my best idea... it creases so much with the slightly movement.... but i chose to ignore it when wearing the dress!

The dress has the coolest kimono sleeves, cuffs and collar..... because these are the coolest features of the dress it is pretty obvious that this will become  a staple dress in my wardrobe.. and with the ability to be able to change the accessories ( when i get around to making them!) i think i will be living in it!

The full skirt is so flattering and comfortable, and the perfect length.

                                                It also have in seam pockets... !!!!

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  1. beautiful, I love shirtdresses like this so versatile! x

    1. I agree shirtdress are just do flattering and completely versatile.. its definately the 'go to' dress in the wardrobe

  2. What a great dress! That color is so flattering!! love shirtdresses!! I'm yet to make a shirtdress, I really should hunt for some patterns! I'm not a good seamstress yet hahaha :)


    1. Thanks Nora! Appreciate the kind words :)

      I totally love shirtdresses.. its a style that always looks cool and seems to never date!

      Just enjoy the sewinge experience and you will see yourself improve overtime!

  3. It's a beautiful dress. Best regards from Spain :)


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